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Kohsan Group is initially founded as ‘Je-Il Climate Control System, Ltd.’  Je-Il Climate Control System specialized in sponge/pad applications for automotive parts. The company focused on supplying insulating materials to the climate controle system industry.


Je-Il Climate Control System changed its name to Kohsan, Ltd. in 1994. The company expanded its business from insulation parts for injection molded parts to cabin air-filter system. With its business expansion, Koshan established several affiliates globally including Thailand and China. In 1996, Koshan developed SEUNG CHANG AIRTECH CO., Ltd. in South Korea (SCAK) and became a top supplier of cabin air-filter system industry.  


Koshan founded SEUNG CHANG AIRTEK Alabama (SCA) in 2004. SCA, Inc. is a sister company of SCAK. SCA specializes in three major automotive parts manufacturing: Plastic Injection Molding and its assembly, cabin air-filter systems, and sponge/ foam applications for automotive parts. SCA is currently located in North Auburn Technology Park in Alabama. 

2005- 2008

Since 2005, SCA manufactures various automotive parts for HYUNDAI and KIA Motors. SCA was awarded as a Tier 1 supplier of Hyundai Motors in 2007


SCA completed its facility expansion in 2011, having a 190,000 square feet company site in North Auburn Technology Park.


The mother company of SCA, Koshan, establishesd its second U.S. based facility in Auburn, Alabama. The second facility specializes in sponge and foam applications for automotive parts. 


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