The Second Facility of SUNG CHANG AUTOTECH

Specializes in the precise application of customized foam and sponge tapes. Through innovative cost saving construction of sponge and foam applications, our second facility is able to produce various foam tape applications from die-cut square shape to rectangle gaskets or custom made to fit any specialized opening. For example, polyethylene foam is coated directly with high tack adhesive to eliminate risk of delamination. They are available in coated single or double-sided adhesive applications through the specialized in-house glue machine. Heavy, easy-to-work-with release liner resists tearing and cracking for easy removal. 

Specialities in Precise Applications of Customized Foam and Sponge Materials

  • Various grades of polyethylene foam and open cell foam tapes with solvent-based rubber, acrylic, differential coated and removable adhesive systems are available for use in automotive applications
  • Available in different colors including charcoal gray and white in various thicknesses
  • Low, medium and high density for sealing out air, dust, and UV light in a variety of applications
  • Items: PE, PET, EPDM, NBR, and Non-woven material applications for various sealing and adhesive tapes are also available

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