In the Early Twenties

SUNG CHANG AUTOTECH(SCA) began to manufacture automotive parts for Korean Automobile brands. With wide experiences in manufacturing automotive parts, SCA quickly identified future expectations of customers. 


All of our application, engineering, tool making and process technology expertise go into our partnerships with leading automakers. We always consider multi-component functionality, weight, and safety as of paramount importance – especially as it pertains to the performance of our products and competitive pricing.  We implement engineered composites that fit with every need of customers. 

Injection Molded Parts

Product and System Requirements:

  • Sealing between windshield and engine compartment
  • Draining of the water coming from the wiping system
  • Ensuring fresh air supply (free of water and snow) for climate control units
  • UV-stability
  • Designed to compensate body tolerances
  • Items: HVAC Unit case, Blower case, Wheel guard, Under- & Side- cover, Front Grille, Air intake hole, Front- &  rear- bumper, etc. 

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