SUNG CHANG AUTOTECH (SCA) has developed a range of unique and innovative technologies for leading customers in the automotive industries. 

SCA is known for injection molding and assembly of automotive plastic parts. SCA is truly a pioneer in plastics. We started to process plastics in early 2000’s, and since then we have continued to refine our technologies and processes for manufacturing and program execution. 

Today, the potential applications for multi-functional, multi-material plastics components are limited only by imagination. 
With close cooperation with our sister companies in worldwide, SCA transforms innovative ideas into realities. The close cooperation with our sister companies and our highly advanced CAD/CAM/CAE technologies enable our company to have comprehensive multi-shot tools and capabilities. 

The combination of different materials- elastomeric, non-elastomeric-, and a sophisticated molding design process enables SCA to produce novel solutions utilizing the latest technologies and design. 


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